Friday, July 11, 2008

AideRSS is Sweeeet ... for the Time Being at Least

Just added the AideRSS widget to my music blog. It aggregates user comments, bookmarks, and votes across wordpress, digg, and delicious. The widget then shows the posts with the most user activity.

This is a nice change of pace from other widgets that show 'most popular' stories, which are really just stories with the most pageviews. As well all know, there often is not much of direct correlation between pageviews and popularity. Heck, one story could just be really popular with SEO, and it would show up at the top of one of these widgets.

Anyways, for the time being, AideRSS is doing the trick. I just hope that more people come and comment on new stories. Otherwise, I'll have the same 5 stories appearing forever.

Try out the widget for yourself at

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