Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How to Get 50 Followers Quickly on Twitter

Follow these easy steps to build your web presence and generate additional traffic to your site

I started really using Twitter about a week ago, and since, have gotten 50 followers in that time. Why do I want followers in the first place? Twitter offers an additional source of traffic to your site and also lets you build your personal brand as a blogger/writer/web personality.

Step 1: Post 10-20 tweets with a range of a) funny comments b) what you're doing c)links to interesting pages d) comments that express your interests

If a complete stranger is going to follow you, they'll want to see some value add in doing so.

Step 2: Follow 10-20 people. Anyone.
I'd recommend following your favorite blogger or news entity, but this part is really up to you. The reason for doing this is to at least give the allusion of being an active Twitter participant. Chances are, you'll find yourself enjoying following these people anyways.

Step 3: Search for your web-savvy friends
in the search box at the top of Twitter.com. Chances are, if you're a twitter newbie, you won't find many of your friends here, but this is a good place to start. Your friends are also the most likely to follow you back.

Step 4: Go to tweetscan to search for twitter users by conversation. This is an amazing tool. I'd recommend searching for both topics that interest you as well as specific things that you think you will be talking about. For example, I searched for 'social search' 'silversun pickups' and 'celtics'. Start following anyone that looks interesting from these searches. Chances are, they'll follow you back too, especially if they see you having the same conversations.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 a day later. Don't forget, people aren't on Twitter every day. Searching conversations a day later should help you find new interesting people to follow.

Step 6: Post a link to your twitter account on other social profiles. If you're active on Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Digg, WineToTheFace, etc, let your friends there find you easily on twitter.

Step 8: Continue adding
fun/interesting/entertaining tweets. This will keep people following you.

Following this steps should get you 50 followers in no time. For more traffic, here are some tips for using StumbleUpon . Also, sure, try following me. I'll follow you back.

Any other suggestions?

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